By Serena Lapointe, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Half a year in, Green wanted to meet people and build a sense of community that she did not yet have here. So, after spotting an advertisement in the local paper, Green applied to join the Whitecourt Fire Department as a recruit.

“I thought it was a good opportunity to make use of my spare time and meet some people that had the same values and drive that I did. I had no idea what to expect when I joined because I did not know anything about it. I went through the recruiting class, and I was hooked from there,” said Green.

She couldn’t have known it then, but years later, that choice to seek out like-minded people would turn into a new career path. At the beginning of June, Green received a promotion to Deputy Fire Chief and Safety Coordinator for the Town of Whitecourt. Up until, and including, the role of Captain, which Green held for seven months, positions at the department are volunteer. The only full-time positions are two Deputy Fire Chiefs and one Fire Chief.

Out on emergency scenes, Green will be in a commanding role and help set priorities and operational objectives. “Administratively, coming here full time has increased my responsibilities and planning for training. Before, I was taking on individual parts of programs, whereas now I am coordinating and planning larger things,” she explained.

Going to the full-time position meant that Green had to decide between her two careers. “I was an Emergency Response Officer for Alberta Environment & Parks, and it was a really rewarding position. I had a great team. It was kind of the role that I had always envisioned having when I was going to school.” The job had a lot of overlap with her position at the fire department. “I contribute my success in that role with knowing fire department operations. I loved both positions.”

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