By Stu Salkeld, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Are there “high flying” privacy issues in the Village of Clive? Councillors discussed the recurring problem of privacy complaints against drones inside the village at their regular meeting July 19.

Assistant Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Abby Notland presented the regular report of CAO Carla Kenney, who was away, which included a report about the village getting lots of contact from the public regarding drones, specifically complaints about the remote-controlled flying objects apparently observing people. 

She stated village staff didn’t forward the complaints to police, but rather encouraged residents to report the incidents themselves.

Notland stated the village isn’t sure if all the complaints involve one drone or different vehicles. 

Coun. Jeremy Whelan stated drones are actually under the federal government’s jurisdiction.

Notland stated some night-time security camera footage was available of at least one of the drones in question and it seemed as if a vehicle was slowly following the airborne unit, describing it as “suspicious.” 

Coun. Tracy Hallman wondered if the drones are a new trend among criminals.

Transport Canada is indeed responsible for drone complaints, and the department’s website states that complaints can be filed through a form. 

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